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Went to an Orlando Polymer Clay Guild Meeting last week and made a mess out of my first Inro but I did get the concept down. My aim was to make one for my Mom so when she took out her hearing aids out to answer the phone she could but them in the Inro and hopefully not lose them so often. At any rate, that is the goal. It was a good experience and I do like the way it turned out. I will make one for myself but smaller. I know that my Mom has Neuropathy in her hands so I wanted to make sure that she didn’t have any issues opening it. Her sight is poor so if she does take out her hearing aids she normally can’t find them…someone else has to do it for her. The other issue is that she broke her shoulder a couple of weeks ago and this might help her keep small things close.



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Another dear friend asked that I make sunflowers. I spent two days trying to make a clay backing….did it in blue, hated it, covered it in black but I could not get it “un_lumpy”. I tossed it. I then went and purchased a plague in wood so I needed to stain and varnish it. Oh my. I made the sunflowers. I did enjoy making the sunflowers trying different colors, blends and textures. Oops, I burnt one. I tented the other flowers in oven but failed to do it to that one. If they weren’t covered the yellows became extremely dark. Redo!!

I wasn’t sure how they would stay once glued. I let the glue set over night. To make sure it was secure, I hung the plague upside down for two days. LOL. Wanted to make sure they would stay on. They are being mailed in the morning…. I hope this is what Joyce wanted…..

Off to make a watch…..

The O’s

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This is so very silly. I have a dear friend in Indiana who asked me to make two O’s for a necklace, both in Black, one with silver trim, the other with gold trimming. She wanted to O’s to look like I had a mental block with these. It just bugged me that it was so very thin in the 2 areas. I could not get a Bail on either one so I made one out of clay.

This is a lousy photo but it will have to do. These are being packaged and off to Indiana.

My First Blog

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As I sit here, I am beginning to wonder why I actually decided to write a blog.  I suppose part of it is for exposure to my crafts for anyone to view.  I also thought I would record my progress as I am creating in what I call my studio (which was originally the kids bedroom). 

I really want to do a few things here.  I wonder over the internet and see so many wonderful sites with such creative artists and I thought I might mention them on my blog.  I do believe this site will be dedicated mostly to Polymer Clay.  It has become my passion.  I have taken some classes and been to a few weekend retreats.  I have had the privilege to take classes with Christi Friesen, Dan Cormier and Tracy Holmes, Meredith Arnold and Jane Zhao.  I belong to many yahoo groups designated for Polymer Clay.  From both the classes and the people within the yahoo groups, I have learned so very much and appreciate their time to help me learn more.

Lately I have downloaded or marked “my favorites” with a whole pile of tutorials.  I have even purchased a few.  My goal is to start going through each of these tutorials and start working as if it is my job for at least 6 hours per day.  You see I got laid off from work about 2 years ago and need to be self-disciplined to do this.  Sometimes the days have floated away.  Of course, I did help my Dad take care of my Mom, that encompassed about 6 plus months. And let’s not forget my trip to Dubai courtesy of my son Eric and my frequent visits to my daughter and my grandson Tara and Jacob in VA.

So enough of my ramblings….  On to other things …see you next time.